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Domesticity : Your convenient personal shopper!

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These days, there’s a tendency to feel like the celebrations don’t quit. And in a culture that's all about constantly being entertained, this comes as no surprise.

Events seem to come from left and right—from baby showers to bridal showers to weddings to baptisms to housewarming celebrations to birthday parties and more! Having said that, it can be both overwhelming and disconcerting trying to decide what presents are appropriate to give for a specific occasion, finding the time to actually purchase these items, and moreover, trying to accomplish all of the aforementioned on a budget!

This is where we enter the picture. At Domesticity, we have a number of goals, and one of these is to make life easier for our customers. Thus, we have decided to offer a service wherein we can function as your very own personal shopper.

All you have to do is specify your budget, tell us a little about the occasion you will be attending or requiring a gift for, and drop us a line with all of these details at inquiry@mydomesticity.com. From there, we’ll take the reins in arranging your gift set/s of choice. In addition, we will also wrap them for free and throw in a 10% discount as well.

What are you waiting for? Browse through some of our suggested gift sets below:


Baby Shower

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, we offer options that are suitable for both genders. The Alfie Baby Keepsake Box is sure to provide mommy and daddy with a classy container for baby’s most precious memories. You can also opt for something on the more pragmatic side: the Classic Canvas Diaper Bag, to ensure that baby’s diapers are transported in style no matter the destination. The Classic Canvas Diaper Bag can also be personalized with the baby’s name embossed on a leather label.


Aflie Baby Keepsake, Classic Canvas Diaper Bag, mydomesticity.com, Domesticity, gift suggestions for a baby shower

Alfie Baby Keepsake Box      Classic Canvas Diaper Bag



If you are headed to a birthday party and you are at a loss over what to bring the celebrant, fret no more. You can’t go wrong with our birthday gift set, which includes the Magnolia Bath set and the Du Vin Soy Candle (Vanilla).


gift suggestions for birthdays, mydomesticity.com, domesticity,

Magnolia Bath Set    Du Vin Soy Candle


On the other hand, if the celebrant is the practical type or is a frequent traveler, you can opt for our other birthday gift set composed of the Emily Laundry Bag, the Emily Underwear Bag, and the Fiona Beach Tote. These items are sure to brighten any birthday celebrant’s day.


gift suggestions for birthdays, mydomesticity.com, domesticity

Fiona Beach Tote     Emily Underwear Bag    Emily Laundry Bag



Visiting relatives or friends overseas soon? Don’t go empty-handed. Material-wise, both of our souvenir gift sets are uniquely “Filipino”. The first contains items that will surely complement any home: the Orientalia Placemats (6 pieces), the Olivie Bread Basket (Small), and the Olivie Napkin Holder, while the second gift set comes with the Toscana Notebook and the Marché Paper Clip Chalkboard Label Set of 2. Additionally, baggage weight won’t be a concern with these items as they are light and quite easy to pack.


souvenirs, domesticity, mydomesticity.com


Orientalia Placemat   Olivie Bread Basket   Olivie Napkin Holder


souvenirs, domesticity, mydomesticity.com

Toscana Noteblock    Marché Paper Clip Chalkboard Label Set of 2


Housewarming Celebrations

Housewarming celebrations are a great opportunity for you to gift the homeowners with pieces that will make their new abode feel just a bit more homey. The home fragrance and accessories gift set contains the Soothing Solace, the Valentine Candelabra, and the Candle Snuffer.


gift suggestions for a housewarming party, domesticity, mydomesticity.com

Soothing Solace       Valentiné Candelabra       Candle Snuffer


If the homeowners are fond of entertaining guests or have expressed their desire to do so, you can go for the gift set with the Toscana Pitcher & Glass Tray for 8, alongside the Severine Cake Stand. They will surely find these useful.


gift suggestions for a housewarming party, domesticity, mydomesticity.com

Toscana Pitcher & Glass Tray for 8      Severine Cake Stand


Finally, the third set comes with the Orientalia Tea Organizer plus the Victoria Rose Coaster (Set of 4).


gift suggestions for a housewarming party, domesticity, mydomesticity.com

Orientalia Tea Organizer      Victoria Rose Coaster ( Set of 4 )


Bridal Showers

While kinky gifts are more common for this occasion, the potential bride-to-be will likely be receiving more than enough of such. Instead, go for something unique that will meet her future needs. For instance, consider the fact that newlyweds typically require plenty of storage for all the gifts they receive during their wedding. With this in mind, the Provence Utility Basket Set of 3 makes the perfect present.


gift suggestions for bridal showers, domesticity, mydomesticity.com

Provence Utility Basket 


Many bridal showers today seem to be kitchen-themed, so in this case, you could go with our other gift set which includes the Marché Recipe Stand, the Provence Wooden Cooking Spoon, and the Cuisine de Provence Utensil Holder. This set also works perfectly if the bride likes to work in the kitchen.


gift suggestions for bridal showers, domesticity, mydomesticity.com

Marché Recipe Stand    Provence Cooking Spoon    Cuisine de Provence Utensil Holder



Weddings are always memorable moments, so it’s only fitting that gifts given be equally memorable. Friend tying the knot soon? Give the couple a wedding gift set they won’t be able to forget, with the Marché Napkin Holder, the Marché Cutlery Tray, and the Vintage Postcard Placemat Set of 4. These are essential fundamentals for kitchen and dining purposes.


gift suggestions for weddings, domesticity, mydomesticity.com

Marché Napkin Holder   Vintage Postcard Placemat Set of 4   Marché Cutlery Tray


For family members, we have a gift set that is just right for you: the Toulon Wooden Plates (4 pieces), the Toulon Cutlery Set (4 sets), and the Ingrid Table Napkins Set of 4.


gift suggestions for weddings, domesticity,mydomesticity.com

Toulon Wooden Plates      Toulon Cutlery Set of 3    Ingrid Table Napkins Set of 4


Lastly, if you are attending the wedding as a Principal Sponsor, the best option is the gift set with the Artichoke Dinner Plate (4 pieces), the Artichoke Soup Bowl (4 pieces), the Artichoke Salad Plate (4 pieces), and the Toulon Cutlery Set (4 sets). Truly a gift to remember!


gift suggestions for weddings, domesticity, mydomesticity.com, philippines

Artichoke Dinner Plate    Artichoke Salad Plate    Artichoke Soup Bowl   Toulon Wooden Cutlery Set of 3


Remember, should you have any questions or need any assistance, all you have to do is shoot us an email at inquiry@mydomesticity.com, and we’ll get right back to you and help you with what you need for that special occasion. Don’t forget: gift wrapping is free and each purchase of a gift set comes with a 10% discount! What are you waiting for? Cross off items on your to-do list now and let Domesticity serve as your very own personal shopper.