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Gift Ideas for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Just like that… the most wonderful time of the year is upon us once more. In the blink of an eye, the Christmas season will be just around the corner, and in order to spare yourself from the stress and hassle of having to purchase gifts last minute or agonizing over what gift would be perfect for that loved one, we present you with some of our finest and most unique gift ideas, regardless of who the recipient may be.

We’ve thought of everything, as here at Domesticity, our goal is to simplify our customers’ lives as much as possible, while simultaneously ensuring that their shopping experience remains an enjoyable and fulfilling one. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, feel free to send us an email at inquiry@mydomesticity.com, and we will respond to you as quickly as we can. So, without further ado, let’s get started:


Family Affairs

Of course, for most of us, our beloved family members are first on our Christmas lists, and rightfully so. Whether you are on the prowl for presents for immediate family members, far-off relatives, or in-laws, we’ve got several items that are sure to be appreciated by your kin. Know someone who could use a little help tidying up their table? Consider gifting them with the Aerin Desk Organizer. At P895, it’s a sure bargain with its quality jute sack material and elegant faux leather borders. Click on the link for additional product details.

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For the same price, you could also opt for the Magnolia Bath Set, which is made from jute sack and faux leather as well. Interesting fact: each Magnolia flower is silkscreened by hand by our Gawad Kalinga artisans. Each set comes with a square tissue box holder and a vanity tray for easy storage of toiletries and hand towels. To view more details, simply click the link.

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On the flip side, if you are looking for an item that is slightly more budget-friendly or you have a family member that is into massage therapy, the Provence Mini Home Spa Kit is a great option. It is priced at P385, and similar to the aforementioned items, it’s handcrafted from jute sack material. The rustic inspired rosemary planters are meticulously silkscreened by hand by our Gawad Kalinga artisans. Each kit comes with 5 lemongrass tea bags and one 100 ml bottle of lavender massage oil. Lemongrass is known to aid digestion, while lavender is sure to provide a soothing and special massage experience. For more information, click the link.

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For a more unique gift that is perfectly suited for those who have a penchant for hosting or entertaining, we have the “Let them eat cake!” Server Set available for P795. This gorgeous piece of serveware is handcrafted from acacia wood. Click on the link for more product details.

let them eat cake server set, cake server set, domesticity, mydomesticity.com


Work Related

Whether you are looking to put a smile on the face of your colleague, boss, client, accountant, or what have you this Christmas, we’ve got just the item you need. First on the list, we have the Jeffrey Wooden Docking Station (Large). Made of stunning acacia wood, this sophisticated piece designed for men can be used to hold one’s smartphone, car or house keys, watch, and wallet. What more could you ask for? This piece is available for P450.

jeffrey wooden docking station, docking station, domesticity, gifts for men, mydomesticity


There is always that one person in the office that can’t seem to function without his or her caffeine fix. For this person, look no further than the Tomas Coffee Scooper & Bag Sealer. At P190, this item is a steal, considering that it is handcrafted from acacia wood. Fun fact: our coffee scooper doubles as a bag sealer to ensure your coffee stays fresh for a long time.

tomas coffee scooper & bag sealer, coffee scooper & bag sealer, acacia wood, domesticity, mydomesticity


With all that’s going on these days, we could all use a little help with our reminders and appointments. Enter the Provence Note Block with Bamboo Pen. This item is available for just P295, and it is handcrafted from jute sack and kraft materials. Just like the Provence Mini Home Spa Kit, the rustic inspired rosemary planters are meticulously silkscreened by hand by our Gawad Kalinga artisans. Each set comes with 300 sheets of kraft writing paper and a bamboo pen. Find out more when you click the link.

provence noteblock with bamboo pen, noteblock with bamboo pen, jute sack, domesticity, mydomesticity, gifts & giveaways


For that workmate who is a fan of pleasant scents, why not surprise them with the Provence Green Tea Linen/Room Spray? Each 100ml bottle is priced at P240, and he or she is sure to love it, as green tea is quite a unique scent, and it will surely won’t fail to refresh and reinvigorate the atmosphere.

provence green tea linen / room spray, green tea, linen spray, room spray, gifts & giveaways, domesticity, mydomesticity



And of course, let’s not forget our godchildren in this season of giving. Whether your godchild is an infant, a toddler, a teenager, or even a young adult, we’ve got several practical items for you to choose from. For that special little girl in your life, we have the adorable and useful Allegra Hair Accessories Organizer which is available for P995. This piece is made from faux leather and jute sack material. Further details can be seen when you click the link.

allegra hair accessories organizer, hair accessories organizer, enfant, domesticity, mydomesticity


Foster the creative spirit in your godchild with the Nicolo Art Supplies Organizer. Chalkboard material with faux leather borders were used to craft this piece. The walls can even be personalized and drawn on. Priced at P895, this present will provide your godchild with the opportunity to hone his or her creativity, and to become more organized at the same time!

nicole art supplies organizer, art supplies organizer,enfant, domesticity, mydomesticity


Lastly, we have the Jeffrey Wooden Docking Station (Small) for your more mature godchildren, which has all the same features as the Large one mentioned above, but just with smaller dimensions.

jeffrey wooden docking station small, wooden docking station small, gifts for men, acacia wood, domesticity, mydomesticity


Friends/Acquaintances/Kids’ Teachers

Last on the list, we have precious friends, acquaintances, and even your kids’ teachers. If the person you have in mind likes to host, the “Olive for today” Condiment Set would be an apt choice. Retailing for P295, each set comes with a wooden olive pick that is engraved with the text, “Olive for today”, as well as a ceramic leaf bowl to serve olives in. Click on the link to view additional product details.

olive for today condiment set, olive condiment set, gifts & giveaways, domesticity, mydomesticity


Another option for a gift that falls in the serveware department is our “Spread the Love” Set which is available for P295. Each set is crafted from acacia wood and is composed of a small wooden bowl perfect for dips and spreads, along with a tiny spreader that has the words “Spread the Love” engraved on it. For more product details, click on the link.

spread the love set, spread the love, jute sack, gifts & accessories, domesticity, mydomesticity


As with the two aforementioned items, the “Tea-rrific” Tea Set is also priced at P295, and each comes with a ceramic tea bag/spoon rest plus a matching acacia wood teaspoon engraved with the words, “Tea-rrific”. This would be an excellent gift for tea lovers! Click the link to learn more.

tea-rrific tea set, tea bag rest, teaspoon, gifts & accessories, domesticity, mydomesticity


Last but not least, for those who like to pamper themselves at the spa or at home, the Angkor Wat Massage Oil 250ml would make for a classy and thoughtful present. Each box is handcrafted from pandan material, and adorned by a buddha head ceramic. The massage oil comes in an intoxicating lavender scent that is sure to invoke a sense of serenity. For additional information, click the link.

angkor wat massage oil, massage oil, lavender massage oil, pandan, domesticity, mydomesticity


These are just some of your options when it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts for all of the important people in your life. There are many more items available for perusal on our website. Remember, shoot us an email anytime at inquiry@mydomesticity.com should you require any assistance! For now, happy holidays!