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Ideas for Thoughtful Holiday Gifts This Christmas

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The holiday season is upon us, and no matter how dreadful 2020 has been, there are still reasons to celebrate. 

This year brought a lot of changes and challenges in our lives, but it also helped us focus on what really matters: family, health, simple things that bring us joy, and self-care. So, when you make that list (don’t forget to check it twice!), keep in mind that gifts don’t always have to be grand. Pick presents that your friends and loved ones will genuinely appreciate. Here are some ideas on how to make gift-giving more meaningful this season.

       Practical gifts for the holidays.


Consider newfound hobbies and lifestyle changes

A lot of us have inadvertently developed new hobbies as we got stuck at home for the better part of the year. Some discovered their talent for baking or cooking, while others took to growing their own tiny garden (or mini farm). We’ve also been forced to work from home for our own safety, and this remote work setup brought a lot of changes in the household.

Keep these new interests and lifestyle adjustments in mind when deciding what to give loved ones for Christmas. A recipe book, a set of chic pots or planters, or desk organizers, for instance, will definitely be much appreciated.


Go for creative and eco-friendly giftwrapping

Those old newspapers and magazines gathering dust in your stockroom? Upcycle them into gift wrappers. With a lot disposable items like masks getting thrown out every day (no thanks to the pandemic), it’s important to do our share in saving and protecting the environment.



Jazz up those upcycled gift wrappers with pretty ribbons or twine. Add a few twigs of fragrant plants, like rosemary or eucalyptus, for a fancy touch.

Practical gifts for the holidays.




Send handwritten tags or notecards

Don’t you feel giddy when you get a card handwritten by your loved ones? That’s because nothing is more personal than a handwritten note. It’s a welcome respite from the highly digital world we now live in.

You don’t need to have a fantastic handwriting to pull this off. Just keep your note sweet (avoid sounding generic), and your loved ones will surely cherish the gesture.



Buy from local food brands

A lot of small food businesses have sprouted since the pandemic started. You won’t have a hard time looking for delectable gift ideas—from tasty baked goods to scrumptious food trays and even ready-to-drink coffee. And since most of these brands sell online, you can conveniently have your gifts delivered straight to your recipient’s doorstep. 

It’s always a good idea to support local businesses, especially during these times when they need it most.


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Choose practical gifts

It might be a stretch to give someone new clothes or shoes, given the restrictions that are still in place. After all, who needs these new things when we’re stuck at home most days of the week, anyway? So, choose gifts that are more practical, like face mask pouches or alcohol bottle sleeves. These things have now become a must-have since constant (and sometimes obsessive) disinfecting is now part of our new normal.

If you know some friends who are starting on the road to a self-care journey, sign them up for a yoga session, spinning class, or mindfulness retreat—all online, of course. Throw in a new yoga mat, a pretty journal, or a jar of tea bags, and you might just win the Best Gift Giver of the Year award.


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This year may be one of the worst in history, but there will always be a reason to celebrate the holidays. Help spread the cheer by giving gifts that are as beautiful as they are meaningful.