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Tilia Pop Up * Reclaim Your Closet Space

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Exclusively available for only the next few weeks—Tilia—Domesticity’s latest offering—features a line of care-free, relaxed, easy-to-wear clothing pieces designed for the modern woman’s everyday use. Handmade for easy dressing, Tilia is the result of much collaboration among many players. 

Tilia, Lucia Dress, Handmade for easy dressing

Lucia Embroidered Spaghetti Strap Dess - Chambray

  Tilia, Gaia Skirt & Top Set, Handmade for easy dressing  

Gaia Embroidered Top & Skirt Set - White

In Hiligaynon, “hablon” means to weave. Hablon is made from polyester cotton that will surely last for years. The hablon fabric used for Tilia is hand-loomed by a community of women weavers from Kabankalan, Negros Occidental. They are known as the “Negros Nine Weavers”. The group was established in 2014 by the Negros Nine Human Development Foundation. Ultimately, the goal was to create job opportunities in the community.


Negros Nine Weavers, Tilia, Hablon weavers, Kabankalan Negros Occidental


For the Tilia collection, they have painstakingly trained both their weavers and embroiderers to execute their assignments with excellence and precision. Beautiful and unique designs are meticulously applied on each hablon fabric.


Tilia, appliqué embroidery, handmade for easy dressing


Tilia, appliqué embroidery, handmade for easy dressing


Finally, the designs are sent to sewers who are in charge of producing relaxed, carefree, easy-to-wear silhouettes suited for the quintessential Tilia woman. Check out their collection today. Remember: this exclusive line-up will be available for only a few weeks!  


Tilia, Lucia Dress, handmade for easy dressing


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Domesticity, mydomesticity.com,  closet space savers


Isn’t it amazing—albeit frustrating—how quickly clutter seems to accumulate in our homes? One minute you’ve just gotten rid of or sold articles you no longer need or make use of, and the next, it feels as if you’re right back where you started. This particularly holds true for those of us who live in smaller spaces. Luckily, our latest collection caters to those who are on the prowl for items that are completely helpful for organization and coordination in their homes.

Let’s have a closer look at each:

  1. Georgette Shelf Divider Set of 2


Georgette Shelf Divider Set of 2, Domesticity, mydomesticity.com


The Georgette Shelf Divider is made from wrought iron material wrapped in strips of pandan, and each divider is made of easy to wash canvas material. This divider is designed to keep clothes, towels, or what have you from toppling over, and slipping it into your closet shelves is as easy as pie.


  1. Georgette Shoe Organizer


Georgette Shoe Organizer, Domesticity, mydomesticity.com


Made from nylon canvas material with sturdy cardboard dividers, the Georgette Shoe Organizer can hold up to a dozen pair of shoes. It includes a clear plastic cover with zipper closure for convenient viewing, and it also serves the purpose of keeping your shoes protected from dust. You can opt to store it underneath your bed or inside your closet, space permitting. This elegant shoe organizer is equipped with side handles that allow you to easily pull it out or transport it.


  1. Georgette Boots Organizer


Georgette Boots Organizer, Domesticity, mydomesticity.com


This unique organizer is similar in every way to the Georgette Shoe Organizer, with the exception being that it can hold four pairs of boots. With this useful tool, you can ensure that your boots stay in tiptop shape all year round.


  1. Georgette Adjustable Drawer Organizer


Georgette Adjustable Drawer Organizer, Domesticity, mydomesticity.com


Available in sets of three, the Georgette Adjustable Drawer Organizer is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. It comes in handy for compartmentalizing your clothing or any other items you may have in your closets or shelves that require segregation or organization.


  1. Georgette Hanging Handbag Organizer


Georgette Hanging Handbag Organizer, Domesticity, mydomesticity.com


For every woman out there who’s obsessed with handbags, this one was made especially for you! To keep your handbags protected from dust and other harmful elements, this organizer is made of heavy duty plastic. It is also transparent to allow for easy viewing. This item works as an excellent gift for any woman who’s constantly on the move.


  1. Georgette Hanging Kids Clothing Organizer


Georgette Hanging Kids Clothing Organizer


If there’s anybody that needs help with organization, it’s children. Made from nylon canvas material coupled with heavy duty velcro, this item requires a curtain rod to be hung from. Using this organizer is extra fun as it features labels for each compartment that can be easily customized. Even adults may appreciate this organizer too!










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