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Joyce Urieta of The Delightful Miss Joyce

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When it comes to the wonderful world of beloved and respected wedding suppliers in Manila, one would be hard-pressed not to find Joyce Urieta of The Delightful Miss Joyce, @thedelightfulmissjoyce on the list. Urieta’s floral cakes are in high demand, with a lead time of at least one month. Her style can be described as minimalist, yet it is just about as sweet and sophisticated as style can get.

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As a cake artist, Joyce is a master of the game at crafting sugar flowers for her tastefully prepared cakes, so much so that if you aren’t mindful, you may just find yourself wondering whether you are consuming something plucked straight out of a garden.

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For brides out there that are looking to bring a touch of uniqueness to their weddings, it is worth noting that Urieta does not replicate her creations, so you are guaranteed a cake that is all your own, and never to be again. The best part is that with the 12 flavors to choose from for her cakes, she has ensured that the taste of each one is just as jaw-dropping as the exterior of her creation.

 We spent a fun afternoon with Joyce, who was kind enough to take time out from her busy schedule to answer some of our questions, show us the ropes on how to prepare for any pre- or post-wedding gathering, and even prepare a killer dessert buffet that left us stuffed and satisfied, complete with overflowing leftovers in tow!

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Tell us about your journey with The Delightful Miss Joyce.

The Delightful Miss Joyce began in 2012 with homemade pastries, and our first signature cake was the Red Velvet Cake. Soon after, we launched the Dark Chocolate Lace Cookies, which became our best-selling item on the menu. In 2013, after an internship-stint in the U.S. with Maggie Austin, I launched the line for wedding cakes.

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Where do you get your inspiration for your designs  and what sets you apart from other wedding cake designers?

I get inspired with florals and art. It can be a Capiz tissue box holder, or a Bas Relief textured vase. I guess I try to create something that's out of the norm. If there's a subject that sparks my interest, a sudden wave of inspiration hits me, and I try to see how I can translate that to edible art. 


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What is your advice for brides on choosing the right suppliers for their wedding cake?

Every supplier has his or her own creative profile. So, pick a cake artist that is on the same creative page as you. Also, don't just get a pretty cake -- get a yummy one as well. Cakes are not just for display. So, why not surprise your guests by serving the cake? It is cake, after all. 


What advice would you give to brides for getting their dream wedding cakes while on a budget?

You get what you pay for. Just like with anything else, you get premium for premium, and cheap for cheap. So, be realistic about what you want so you won't get too shocked by the quotation. Managing expectations is key to peaceful wedding planning. 

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Some weddings are held out of Manila, what do brides need to know before choosing their dream wedding cakes?

I have to fly with the cake if it's three layers and above. Hahaha! Logistics and stability are key when transporting a cake. 


Our shoot last week at your place was about setting up the dessert buffet for an engagement party. Can you share with us the desserts you prepared, and why? Are there certain desserts brides should should have for that night?

I picked a bit of everything. From moist chocolate cake for the Mother-load, to cheesecake with a pistachio bite, to a nostalgic fluffy birthday cake. It's a merriment of different flavors and textures. So, this dessert table would be perfect for a despedida de soltera, or any family and friends gathering pre- or post-wedding. 

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Babette Cake Stand


What made you choose these specific Domesticity items for the dessert buffet?

I chose them for the functionality and aesthetics. Whenever I choose to purchase something, I think of the "need" first. I thought these items were very homey and not too mainstream, if not, nostalgic. Filipino inspired wares will always be a classic, despite all the western wares the free world has to offer. 

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joyce urieta, the delightful miss joyce, cake artist, domesticity, mydomesticity.com


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