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How to Host a Game Night Party at Home

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While it is enjoyable in itself to just sit down, chat, and share nice, relaxing moments with friends, it’s a worthwhile idea to change things up every so often and keep quality time spent together interesting. And what better way to do so than by hosting a game night party right out of your home? This way, there won’t be any time constraints or noise level limitations, putting a damper on the fun. In addition, you even get to customize your drinks and snacks menu down to the very last detail!

Now, here are some useful tips to ensure a stress-free game night party, so you can keep your eyes solely on the prize once the mayhem begins:

  1. Focus on the food. It has been said that if lights are the poetry of a party, the food is its prose. In other words, one’s choice of menu can either make or break a party. However, since you aren’t hosting a formal dinner party, keep it simple and stick to finger food, pica-pica, olives, peanuts, and the like. Remember: it’s always better to have too much food for your guests as opposed to not enough. Have a look at our Snack Bowls.


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Roselin Cerami Snack Bowl


  1. Get the drinks right. Take the time to research on delicious, tried-and-tested cocktail recipes your guests will actually enjoy, and serve them in glassware. No paper plates or plastic cups allowed. Alternatively, you could also opt to serve martinis. Check out our collection of Cocktail Forks and Napkins to give your table setting an edge.


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  1. Choose your games with care. The sky is the limit, really, given the range of games that are available today, but you want to select games that your guests will actually enjoy and make the evening a night to remember. Some of the most popular games include Scrabble, Cranium, Pictionary, Charades, Cluedo, etc. Then there’s always the classics such as Tic Tac Toe, Dominos, or simple Card Games. These are also some of the sets that we have available.

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Gerald Tic Tac Toe , Domino & Playing Card Set


  1. Don’t neglect the setting. Last but not least, light those candles, play the right music, and put some flowers in a vase to make your guests feel welcome in your home. Enjoy the night, and show no mercy to your opponents!

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