About Us

At the heart of Domesticity is Filipino craftsmanship—the inspiration that brought life to the brand in 2002. We have always believed in the ingenuity of our local crafts workers and the quality of our craftsmanship.
Our products are made from natural materials sourced mainly from Negros Occidental. We have partnered with local communities, who work hard to give you beautifully handmade items. We have also collaborated with Gawad Kalinga in our effort to help more families in Negros Occidental earn a livelihood and provide roofs over their heads. Now, 67 families have places to call their own, while others found stable employment through the work they do with us.
Since it was founded 18 years ago, our team of crafts workers has been able to provide for their families, thanks to your continued support of our brand. Our goal since we started remains: We are committed to bringing you thoughtfully handmade home essentials that are proudly Philippine-made—practical, functional, and always with that Domesticity flair.
In the next 10 years (and more), we hope to offer more than just home accessories. We aim to be your go-to lifestyle brand that can help you create a marvelous home—from design and decorating, to cooking and entertaining, and even wellness. We strive to be more than just an online store; we want to be your partner as you experience domestic bliss while championing Filipino artistry.


Domesticity is fully committed to Gawad Kalinga’s roadmap to end poverty by 2024


for every purchase of Domesticity products, you are:

our end goal is:

If you would like to take part in Domesticity's cause or donate directly to Gawad Kalinga Dr. Rafael San Agustin Legacy Village, feel free to shop or reach out.