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What You Need for a Fun-filled Backyard Picnic

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It’s definitely a bummer to set aside out-of-town or out-of-the-country vacation plans (no thanks to the pandemic), but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the summer season at home. Why not throw a fun family picnic in your backyard? Here, we dish out tips to help you pull off an exciting summer escape without having to venture out.


Keep refreshing food and drinks flowing

What’s good about throwing a picnic party is that you don’t have to cook up a feast. You can still have fun sharing delicious food and beverages that are easy to prepare.

Beat the summer heat and this recipe for a tropical smoothie.  Complement it with a refreshing watermelon salad. Don’t forget the sandwiches, which are a picnic staple. Even a simple egg sandwich can get exciting if you serve it with tasty potato chips! Want a more filling grub? Add this corn cacio e pepe pasta dish—a great substitute for mac and cheese that will definitely please kids and adults alike.

What You Need for a Fun-filled Backyard Picnic

Serve in style

Serving trays and caddies will save you from the hassle of going to and from the kitchen and backyard. A tray can hold a pitcher and a couple of glasses is handy, and so is a caddy for cutlery and napkins. Use food trays with cover to keep away nasty insects from that scrumptious picnic fare.

What You Need for a Fun-filled Backyard Picnic. Blog post by Domesticity

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Create a cozy ambiance

A picnic is never complete without a picnic mat or blanket. Throw in a few floor pillows for comfy seating. If you’re holding a gathering late in the afternoon, make sure to have candles ready for when evening rolls in. You may also put up fairy lights for a whimsical setting. And don’t forget to place a handful of citronella candles around your picnic area to keep those pesky bugs from ruining the fun.

What You Need for a Fun-filled Backyard Picnic. Blog post by Domesticity.

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Come up with exciting activities

Come up with a few activities to make your backyard picnic more delightful. Bring out the board games or do some arts and crafts with the kids. Netflix has a lot of family-friendly movies that can also keep everyone entertained. If you have an inflatable pool, now is the perfect time to pull it out from storage—you’ll have a picnic and swimming party in one fun-filled day!

What You Need for a Fun-filled Backyard Picnic. Blog post by Domesticity.


Send out invites

Drum up the excitement for a backyard picnic even if the only ones in attendance are your immediate household members. Create an invitation (Canva is a free, no-fuss option) and send it out to your family chat group a week before. You may even list down the menu and activities so your invitees know what to expect.

What You Need for a Fun-filled Backyard Picnic. Blog post by Domesticity.


We can all appreciate a break from the usual stay-at-home routines we are now accustomed to.

Even if summer vacation options are limited, a little dose of creativity can go a long way. After all, everyone’s safety is more important than a few scrapped vacation plans. And just a reminder in case you want to have guests outside your household: Invite only those that are within your safety bubble, and don’t forget to observe proper physical distancing and other safety protocols.


Have a safe and wonderful summer!