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5 Chic Storage Bins to Keep Your Home Organized

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Our “new normal” entails being at home most of the time. This means doing almost everything at the comforts of our house—from preparing presentations and attending virtual meetings, to helping the kids adjust to distance learning. That’s not even half the battle because there are a number of household chores to tackle throughout the day. All this flurry of activities can result in a pretty cluttered nest.

A simple solution: storage organizers that are both functional and stylish. Do away with those plastic bins that can be an eyesore. Check out these versatile storage baskets that will keep your abode well-organized.


Rattan trays

All the baking and cooking can leave your kitchen and pantry in a mess. Keep your kitchen counter tidy by organizing bottles of condiments and jars of baking ingredients in a tray.

To maintain an orderly pantry cabinet, store similar food items in one rattan basket. Corral canned or bottled goods in one bin, and packs of cookies and biscuits in another. Group similar food items together, and don’t forget to take note of their respective expiration dates.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast but don’t have space for a separate coffee cart, pick a spot on your counter that will serve as a coffee station. Place all your coffee brewing essentials in a wicker tray. A proper “café,” even if it’s just a simple setup at home, will make your brewing ritual a delightful experience.  

Beautiful bamboo baskets woven in the Philippines.


Solihiya and leather basket

If you find yourself moving from one room to another, get help from this solihiya basket framed in leather. These materials are sturdy enough to help you lug around heavy documents, whether they’re for work or home schooling.

The elegant design of this container also makes it a classy catchall for any room in your home. Throw in any knickknacks here for sorting out later so they don’t lie around and add to the clutter.


Seagrass boxes

After sorting out clothes that spark joy, it’s time to keep them that way—organized. It’s easy to arrange clothes in hangers, but what about those small items that are the usual culprits in an unkempt closet? Fold then stack them in open boxes.

These lidless containers also come in handy when you want to keep your laundry area spic-and-span. Allot one box for laundry detergent and fabric softeners, and another for laundry bags, clips, and hangers. 


Consuelo Woven Seagrass Storage Box

Store bed linens and extra pillows in covered woven baskets, which can be stowed away under the bed. You can also use these as storage for your stock of bathroom essentials, like shampoos, soaps, and toilet paper.

A bonus: These bins come with labels so you can easily identify what each contains.


Consuelo Woven Seagrass Utility Basket


Pandan and leather storage

These are perfect for organizing your home office and the kids’ study nook. Office and school supplies, like reams of paper, folders, and envelopes, can go in one big bin; frequently used reading materials can go in another document storage box; while writing instruments and other arts and crafts materials can go in a separate container.

You can also use these woven storage baskets to tidy up your tots’ play area. Encourage them to store their toys in these organizers after playtime —a practical way to teach them the value of cleanliness.


Rosario Stacking Woven Pandan Box


Stackable tins

Your garage or storage room need not be as randomly arranged as the assortment of odds and ends you keep in it. Use this set of stackable tin storage to corral hardware items and home repair tools. It will make it easier for your household to search for items like pliers and screwdrivers when minor repairs are needed.

Storage Baskets made in the Philippines.

Andres Storage Stacking Bin

Feel free to also use these sturdy containers to hold all your sanitation supplies like alcohol, bleach solutions, and disinfectant sprays. Keep a bin on hand in your designated sanitation station.

If you’re tending to a garden, these tin receptacles will also help keep your garden supplies in order.

Beautiful storage stacking bins made in the Philippines.

Andres Storage Stacking Bin 


Maintaining a clean and orderly space is always important, especially now when you and your family spend a lot of time at home. A well-organized nest allows you to focus on the more important things—and sneak in some me time—without all that stressful clutter.