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5 WFH Habits You Need To Shake Off Pronto

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We’re all probably adjusted to working from home by now, but that does not mean we’ve been doing this WFH setup right. Sure, it’s pretty convenient to do attend meetings virtually at the comfort of our nest (no need to shuffle from one place to another in between horrible traffic!) However, this convenience can sometimes mean longer working hours than we usually clock in pre-pandemic. Add to that a handful of not-so-healthy habits we’ve unconsciously developed along the way. 

Are you guilty of any of these WFH no-no’s? Read on to know how you can ditch them.

Staying disorganized

It’s one thing to accumulate clutter in your office cubicle; it’s another story to see piles of unsorted documents and whatnots on your work desk at home, even if you have a proper home office.

Keeping your work area clutter-free is especially important if you’re sharing the space with someone else or if you’re using, say, your dining table as a work desk. You need to be as organized as possible. Get rid of clutter with desk organizers and clean your desk regularly. After all, whether at home or in the office, a clear desk lets you focus on more important things on hand.

5 WFH Habits You Need To Shake Off Pronto

Not using productivity tools

Your planner is a great help in keeping your to-do list in check, but go beyond pen and paper if you want all the help you can get. There are a lot of free productivity apps or programs that can help you plan your day or manage your time and tasks. 

Need to dump your ideas or jot down meeting notes while on your laptop? Check out Evernote, a virtual notepad for anything and everything. If you need a hand in anything management-related—be it a project or even household tasks—Trello is a nifty tool that helps you visualize what you need to do. It’s also a great place to collaborate when you’re managing a team.

Feel free to also maximize Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Google Home as your virtual assistant for when you need to be reminded of upcoming deadlines or meetings. Working with these tech helpers will definitely lighten your load as you juggle day-to-day assignments.

5 WFH Habits You Need To Get Shake Off Pronto


Slouching all day long in front of your computer

Ever wonder why you’ve been getting back, shoulder, and neck pains lately? That’s because you’ve been hunched for hours, toiling away in front of your laptop. It’s time to straighten your back and make it a habit to get away from your computer every hour. Sneak in some household chores, do a breathing or stretching exercise, or take a 10-minute break on your backyard or balcony.

It will also do you good to elevate your computer. Keep the top of your computer screen at eye-level using desk risers or monitor stands. This will force you to straighten your back for proper posture. If you don’t have an ergonomic chair, make your seat more comfortable by supporting your back with a pillow.

5 WFH Habits You Need To Get Shake Off Pronto


Sticking to old, clunky work gadgets

Nothing is more frustrating than work tools that no longer perform well. You may be stuck working at home, but that doesn’t mean you should get stuck with gadgets that hamper productivity.

Still struggling with a slow internet connection? Now is the time to go for an upgrade. Even a 10mbps difference means a lot especially if you are a household that needs to be online. And don’t hesitate to add that decent pair of headphones to cart if it means better audio during virtual meetings (those earphones will also help you concentrate if you need to block off outside noise). If you’ve been struggling with bad lighting, it’s time to get that ring light!

5 WFH Habits You Need To Get Shake Off Pronto


Not setting boundaries

It’s easy to get carried away with all the Zoom calls, emails, and deadlines especially when there is no bundy clock to log off from. But don’t let your job encroach into your personal life. Establish work hours as if you’re in the office: have your lunch come 12 noon, take a coffee break at 3pm, and wrap things up by 6pm. Sure, you can stray from schedule once in a while, but defining when to put your work hat on and when to take it off is important if you don’t want to experience burn-out.

5 WFH Habits You Need To Get Shake Off Pronto


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