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What’s New?

At Domesticity, we always make sure to put careful thought in every collection we come up with. We strive to create beautiful, functional, and essential things for your home. Each piece is carefully crafted so you can effortlessly create an inviting abode. New month means new pieces, so do check back once in a while.    

Keep your dress spiff while baking up a storm in this long linen apron, detailed with an intricately embroidered adlai plant to pay homage to our local indigenous crops. Wrap the straps all-around your waist to hold your kitchen towels, and use the handy front pocket to keep your phone or your thermometer in close reach. The neck strap loops into a hole to keep it adjustable for all family members! Lovingly made in the Philippines. Baking essentials available online through Domesticity.

Balai Kubo Embroidered Linen Apron (Domesticity x Maria Perrine)

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