Gift Registry FAQs

 Why register at Domesticity?

-       A portion of our proceeds go to the Gawad Kalinga San Agustin Legacy Village in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental Philippines.  We continue to build houses, fund on-going values formation programs and employ GK beneficiaries. Why not receive gifts that serve a bigger purpose?
Is the Gift Registry available for celebrants outside the Philippines?
-       Currently, our registry is only available for celebrants within the Philippines.
Will selected items be reserved for my gift registry?
- Items will be considered reserved only when your guests have purchased an item from your gift registry.
What if I register for items that are seasonal?
- We cannot guarantee how long an item will remain available for purchase. If you select seasonal items, we suggest to update your registry 6 weeks before the event to see what’s new.
How will my guests know about my registry?
-You can share your registry through social media and email by clicking on the ‘Share’ link/s on your registry page.
What if my delivery address changes?
-You can update shipping address anytime by clicking ‘Manage’ and updating your profile.
How will you know if anyone has purchased from your registry?
- It will reflect in your registry if someone has purchased from your list through the number of quantities left per item.
How long will Gift Registry be posted online?
-Your registry will be posted 2 months after the event has passed.
What if I received more pieces of an item than I requested for?
- We will allow returns and exchanges 60 days after your event has passed.  Item must be in good condition. Celebrant will shoulder delivery charges.
What if I receive gifts damaged upon delivery?
-Send us an email through so we can assess the damage. 
Can we purchase items from a registry in Department Stores or Bazaars where Domesticity is a consignor / participant?
- Currently, our gift registry is only available online.