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Pat Pastelero-Tañedo of Spruce Floral Designs

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Pat Pastelero-Tañedo , Spruce Floral Designs, Domesticity Gift Registry


Ask  most brides in Manila today, and they probably will have heard of the name Pat Pastelero-Tañedo. If not, they are sure to be familiar with her floral design company, Spruce Floral Designs, or Spruce, for short.

Currently, Pat Pastelero-Tañedo is one of the most in-demand wedding suppliers in the country. Her work has been featured extensively in numerous publications, and it is plain to see that she has a flair for the aesthetically pleasing and visually stimulating.

The unique touch Pat brings to her work has resulted in the most classic and timeless floral arrangements that are worth every peso. She is also known for being very hands-on with her work, as well as for delivering nothing less than the highest quality flowers

We recently sat down with The Floralist, who offered some valuable insights into how one could style a table setting for a small gathering with friends, as well as helpful advice for upcoming brides. She mixed up some items from Domesticity alongside her personal collection. Of course, floral arrangements were not in absence.


Domesticity Gift Registry, Pat Pastelero-Tañedo, Spruce Floral Designs, Domesticity


Tell us about your journey with Spruce Floral Designs.

It's funny how things come together and just happen. When I was living abroad, fresh flowers were available at every corner deli. It was easy and inexpensive to have flowers at home all the time. I took a few floral designs classes for fun, but I didn't think I would do it professionally. I moved back home to Manila and found it difficult to get flowers.

A friend and I made our way to Dangwa and we tried selling arrangements one Valentine's Day. I think we were still using Multiply then and there was no Facebook yet. (Some people reading this might not even know what Multiply is. Hahaha!). I cried from exhaustion that first February 14th and didn't sleep for 30 hours. There was really a time I did everything myself: take the orders, write them out, carry things, meet with clients, accounting, logistics, etc.

Then, as my business slowly grew, I started doing events and getting more corporate accounts. It definitely didn't happen overnight and not without a whole lot of work from my team. It's been a good journey and I've been lucky to have a really great team with me through it all.


Describe your personal style.

I like to keep things simple. I wear white - a white top, navy pants, and the same pair of gold earrings almost everyday.


What is your advice for brides on choosing the right suppliers for their wedding?

Do your research if you're trying to get the best value. With everything online, you can see which suppliers best fit your style and taste. Narrow it down to 3-5 suppliers per category. Contact these suppliers to find out their starting price points. You can then set a meeting with the 2-3 suppliers that are within your price range. I find that the meeting is important to see if you understand each other and will work well together.  

What I do not recommend is sending out a mass email to all suppliers and asking them what their packages are. Also, trying to meet every single supplier without first finding out their aesthetic or price point.


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Can you share some tips on choosing the perfect flowers for their wedding?

I think the tricky thing about putting your wedding together is that you want everything to be perfect. Every last detail. I was a bride not too long ago, so I can understand the feeling and the anxiety that goes with putting your wedding together. Perfection can be done and everything can be done exactly as you want it, but at a steep price. 

If you want to maximize a florist/event stylist's fees, give them a general direction on style and design, and then a list of your non-negotiables. They should then be able to suggest what would work best given your style and budget. If you give your florist a bit of flexibility, it does go a long way.


Domesticity Gift Registry, Pat Pastelero-Tañedo, Spruce Floral Designs, Domesticity, Online Gift Registry Manila, Wedding Registry, Manila Weddings, Manila Wedding Florists


Domesticity Gift Registry, Pat Pastelero-Tañedo, Spruce Floral Designs, Manila Online Gift Registry, Manila Weddings, Manila Wedding Florists


How did you come up with the concept, color theme, and table setting? Also, how did you decide on what Domesticity items to use?

I really just worked with what I had and what would go well with the Domesticity items. I started out with the vases. I have a few rustic, blue floral pots which I'd been wanting to use that had been sitting in storage for the last five years. I then thought about all the other things I had in similar color theme - table napkins, glasses, even the window treatments! I worked on the flowers last as I knew I would spend less if I wasn't so particular about what I used. I used mostly greens; succulents that would last a long time and herbs that I could use afterwards in the kitchen. I did need to add some color, so I used hydrangeas as they're inexpensive and came in blue, which complemented the color theme, and purple, which was the perfect contrast.


Domesticity Gift Bridal Online Registry

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Domesticity Gift Registry, Pat Pastelero-Tañedo, Spruce Floral Designs, Domesticity    

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Being married for a couple of years, how was your experience with your wedding registry?

I registered online and it was great! I'm a lazy shopper, so I didn't really like the idea of going to a store and having someone follow me around with a piece of paper and pen. Haha! It was super convenient for my guests, too! They were so happy!


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