create a registry

How to create a gift registry?

1st Step:  Sign-up for an Account

Upon clicking this sign-up link, you'll be prompted to fill-out the registry form. A customer activation message will be sent to your email. Please click on the link sent to your email to confirm.

2nd Step: Start Building your Registry

Log-in to your gift registry account by using your sign-up credentials. To guide you through the entire selection process, download our Gift Registry checklist. Then, have fun adding products by category (remember  to add quantities).

3rd Step: Share your Gift Registry 

There's a handy "share" button within your gift registry account. Feel free to share your registry link to your friends and family

For registering with Domesticity, you will enjoy a 10% discount on your next 6 online purchases.  We will send your discount code through email after your event.


Looking for an existing registry?

Head on to this page: Find A Registry.

Need to manage and login to your own registry?

Head on to this page: Manage your Registry. 

Got more questions?

Head on to this page: Gift Registry FAQs.